Time and Location
Wednesday, June 11th 5 PM PDT at Empire City Colosseum

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David Hawk Actor

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Derrick Cult

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Loody Graves

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Brooke Owens

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About the Show

When DavidHawk Actor and Derrick Cult battled at WrestleSeries 6 for the VWE World Heavyweight Championship, it was billed as “Icon vs Icon” and the scene of VWE seemed quite different from what the fans can see now.  At the time, David was an inconsiderate jerk with a chip on his shoulder and Derrick was the flagbearer of Virtual Wrestling Entertainment.  The times have changed and even David admits that he walked through the fire to see the errors of his ways, claiming that Derrick’s change has more to do with Austin Knight being in his ear than the fact that Derrick just gave up on the fans.  But, before we break down the main event, let’s take a look at the other matches for the night.

This week’s episode of VWE Primetime (this Wednesday at 5 pm SLT) will be very action-packed, but for a few individuals, it will be personal.  The show, hosted at the Empire City Colosseum, will kick off with a women’s matchup as Aphrodite takes on Alexandra.  When looking at these two, both have a similar height and weight, neither known for being a powerhouse in the ring.  Alexandra has an edge in the experience department, but once Aphrodite burst on the scene in the independents, she had a rocket strapped to her back and even found herself in successful championship runs before signing her contract to come to VWE.  Both women are looking for that one moment that will catapult them into title contention, so this match is a must-win for both competitors.  That kind of atmosphere makes for an exciting supercard-calibre match.  

In the second match-up, “The Devil” Kieran Darkwatch, after losing in the first round of the Tag Team Classic, is looking to gain some momentum, but his scheduled opponent Rhys Tucker has been replaced due to some scheduling conflicts.  Instead, Kieran will go one-on-one with the former 2-time VWE Tag Team Champion and former VWE World Heavyweight Champion, Josh “Machine Gun” Poffo.  Josh has been a fixture of independent wrestling, traveling the world delivering excitement with his fast-paced offense.  What will happen when he runs head-first into the man who spurs on people’s desires, wanting them to sin?  While Kieran has the power and size advantage, he seems to revel in the way he can play with someone’s emotional state, making them take risks that they might not normally do.  Josh, however, enjoys taking the risks.  How will “The Devil” push him further?  If Kieran can make Poffo make a mistake, he might show that the temptation has never stopped.

At VWE King of the Arena, Brooke Owens successfully retained her VWE Radiance Championship in a Fatal 4-Way Match, only to have her heart ripped out later in the evening as the 2017 Queen of the Arena, Hilary Lanfier, surprised Brooke, hitting her with the briefcase, cashing in on her guaranteed title shot, and won the title from Owens.  Brooke was originally scheduled to get her rematch last Friday on VWE EDGE but was unable to compete due to the nagging pain from the briefcase strike at KOTA.  But, this Wednesday, she is back in action, but her rematch for the title will have to wait.  Instead, Brooke will face off against “Ms. Bollywood” Rani Patel.  Patel had been in the Fatal 4-Way Match at KOTA and might be looking for a little retribution against Owens for taking the victory in that match.  And a win over Brooke might show that Rani should be in line for a title shot against Hilary Lanfier sooner than later.  Can Rani show up the first-ever VWE Radiance Champion?  Will Brooke be recovered enough from KOTA and her bouts during the Tag Team Classic to show why she should face Lanfier again?  And speaking of our reigning VWE Radiance Champion, Hilary Lanfier… will the Champion show up to see these two possible contenders?

And, as described at the start of this article, the main event is years in the making.  Derrick Cult defeated DavidHawk Actor at WrestleSeries 6 and sent DHA to the injured list with a concussion.  After David’s return, he immediately bought the ire of Derrick Cult when he was the surprise partner to help win Jeffrey Fireguard’s contract back from Austin Knight.  Two weeks later, DHA had just defeated The Chad when he was viciously attacked by “The Human Concussion Machine”.  And Derrick finally got David all to himself on an episode of Primetime, defeating “The Icon” thanks to some help from Austin Knight and the well-timed strike with nunchucks from Derrick Cult.  For weeks, David had been demanding a rematch, but Austin kept saying they had nothing to prove to DHA, having already beaten him, but David changed their minds after catching Cult with the NMP off the ladder during the KOTA Ladder Match, costing them both the opportunity to walk out as the 2017 King of the Arena.  But, this Wednesday, in the main event of VWE Primetime, it all comes to a head as Derrick looks for revenge and David looks for redemption.  Can David overcome the man who sent him into injury or will Derrick land another victim in the concussion ward?  And the x-factor for this match-up is Austin Knight.  We know he will be accompanying Cult to the ring and that adds an air of mystery on top of the match where anything can and probably will happen.  

A lot of questions asked and all the answers will be revealed when VWE presents Primetime, Wednesday at 5 pm SLT at the Empire City Colosseum.   

Complete Matchcard

Match one: Aphrodite vs Alexandra

Match two: Kieran Darkwatch vs Rhys Tucker

Match three: Rani Patel vs Brooke Owens

Main Event: David Hawk Actor vs Derrick Cult

–Card is subject to change–