Time and Location
Friday, December 1st 4 PM PDT at WrestleSeries IX Colosseum

About the Show

It feels like WrestleSeries 8 was just a couple months ago, seeing Vince Easterwood defeat Cody Houley for the VWE World Heavyweight Championship and setting off a chain of events that would see Braden Karsin become Champion, his brother Michael become the King of the Arena, three men fall out of the Elimination Royale at the same time, Cody Houley win the title for the 4th time, and now here we are again for WrestleSeries IX and Cody Houley is once again walking into the show as the VWE World Heavyweight Champion.  There is a lot to get to, so let’s just jump right in.

Complete Matchcard

Match One

United States Championship Match
VWE United States Champion

Loody Graves

VWE Superstar

Michael Karsin

At VWE Old School, the German Sensation finally returned to form, bringing the Golden Era of VWE back and we saw Loody Graves become the VWE United States Champion.  This marked the first time ever that Loody was the United States Champion and he took that opportunity to rub it in everyone’s face.  But, standing opposed to Graves is Michael Karsin, the winner of the 2017 King of the Arena.  During the past few weeks, Graves has done everything in his power to keep Michael away from the US Title, but last week on Edge, when the two were face to face, it appeared Loody ran away.  “Its D Day and Michael is storming the beaches,” Karsin said in a quick quote looking forward to this match at WrestleSeries.

Match Two

Last Woman Standing Match
VWE Superstar

Christina Krovac

VWE Superstar

Lexi Wicked

Picture being new to professional wrestling, with less than five months of training, and instantly being picked up by VWE and then added to the team of G.O.A.T.  That is precisely what happened to Lexi Wicked, who most people dismiss as a spoiled rich kid always throwing her daddy’s money at her problems.  But this Friday, her problem is former G.O.A.T. member, VWE Hall of Famer, the 4-time VWE Women’s World Champion, Christina Krovac.  During her time away from VWE, Krovac seems to have matured and returned wanting Cody Houley to end G.O.A.T. but even suggesting that, she incurred the wrath of the group.  Going one step perhaps too far, Lexi Wicked kidnapped Christina’s dog, threatening to kill the dog live in the middle of the ring if Krovac didn’t kneel before her and allow her hair to be cut off, Wicked trying to prove that the Hall of Famer is worthless to the new VWE.  Christina did get some revenge the next week, brawling with Lexi and really outshining the 20-year-old.  But all this leads to this Last Woman Standing Match at WrestleSeries.

Match Three

Street Fight
VWE Superstar

Jayson Rain

VWE Superstar

Kieran Darkwatch

Don’t deal with the Devil.  No matter how many times this message is presented, people will always try to think they can outsmart Kieran Darkwatch.  The truth is, everyone has fallen before him.  People might get a win in a match, but overall, Darkwatch shows that everyone revels in their sin.  His eyes light up when he sees morals break away to reveal the more base human passions.  But has he met his match this week against Jayson Rain?  At one point, it appeared Jayson and Kieran were on the same page, that Darkwatch had lured Rain away from the fans.  They even teamed together and showed some real cohesiveness.  But that all fell apart and now, they will fight with no disqualifications, where the match could go to the backstage, it could be at the production trucks, or right out in the chairs of the audience.  The biggest rule of this match is the pinfall or submission must happen inside the ring.  

Match Four

Bombshell Battle Royale

Battle Royales are always an amazing time because anything could happen.  One misstep to the right and you fall outside the ring and are eliminated.  This Friday at WrestleSeries, the ladies line up and get into this big match with a huge prize on the line… A guaranteed title shot for any VWE Title.  Imagine the possibilities.  You will see Becky, Viola Beaumont, Stacy Mancino, Alexandra, and many, many more ladies inside this ring.  The action will be all over, but all it takes is falling out over the top rope and touching the ground to be eliminated.  The last woman in the ring will win that big prize.  “It would mean so much to me, it would show me that my training has paid off, that my 18 hour working days were worth it.. you see, I volunteer in an animal shelter on my days off, and I’m normally there for 8 hours then I spend 4 hours baking for the animal shelter (animal friendly treats!) and for friends/family/homeless shelters and then finally, the remaining 6 hours training, it’s been exhausting but I love it too much to not do it,” Becky said about the match and what winning would mean to her.  We also caught up with Ms. Beaumont to see what winning would mean to her.  “It would mean the ability to get 2018 off to the start that I desire, after a less than desirable 2017,” Viola said.  We did get a chance to head to the school where Ms. Mancino teaches to get a quote from her about the match.  “It would definitely show that I am capable of doing both jobs as one time and finally show everyone what I am capable of. It would be one of the biggest highlights of my career. In both, wrestling and my teaching career. I have my whole school rooting for me back home.”

Match Five

Street Fight
VWE Superstar



Stuart Warf

“Don’t cross the boss” should be an easy rule of thumb, but not for Night nor his compatriots in G.O.A.T.  For Stuart Warf, the CEO of VWE, the group has been a constant thorn in his since their founding early this year.  At the center of this controversy and easily the most aggravating of the members, is Night.  Night went from a cocky Pulse Men’s Champion to losing the Pulse Title, only to show up on the main VWE roster and winning the VWE United States Championship in a surprise move.  Night was a dominant Champion and it was hard not to get sucked into his defiant and honest tone.  Night was out there saying he was on a roll, that he was winning left and right and that no one would defeat him, and he was right.  But, not only was he standing in the ring acting like a cocky jerk, he would take that home with him.  His Facebook and Twitter littered with his ego and then on the shows if someone crossed G.O.A.T.  Night and his partners in crime would introduce that person to a Superkick Party.  And the whole situation has been handled mostly by the faceless International Pro Wrestling Authority (IPWA).  G.O.A.T. was fined, but even further than that, Night was put into a large Battle Royale where he lost the US Title to Chris Crossfade and immediately found himself suspended.  For months, Night battled with the IPWA to lift the suspension and once that came through, Night made it personal with Stuart Warf.  The personal feelings, the bad blood, has gone back and forth and now, they find themselves in a Street Fight, with no disqualifications and Mr. Warf has some help in the form of Braden Karsin, the man Night screwed to cost the VWE World Title.  Night has made some powerful enemies but he would say that he is up for the challenge.  And one thing to remember is the match is no disqualifications which means that weapons are available to be utilized AND that if any member of G.O.A.T. comes out to assist Night, it would be well within the rules.  

Match Six

VWE Intergender Championship Intergender Tag Team Match
VWE Superstar

Jeffery Fireguard

VWE Superstar


VWE Superstar

Austin Knight

VWE Superstar

Sara T. Knight

Society of Misfits


What a whirlwind of a year it has been for Jeff Fireguard, to go from challenging for the World Title to joining Maxine and defeating Vince Easterwood and Kasumi Hyata to become the VWE Intergender Champions.  But, this Friday, they face the brother/sister combo of Austin and Sara Knight.  For years, Sara was known as “Misaki” and made a huge name for herself all around the world with her hard-hitting style.  She is even written in history as the woman who trained Derrick Cult (more on him later).  And her partner, Austin, is not only a talented wrestler in his own right, he is regarded as one of the most sinister, devious, and strategic minds in the VWE.  This last month, Knighthood has been shown a little favoritism by VWE management, and Austin has used that to his advantage.  When attacking a fan, Jeffrey came down to stop Knight, and for his troubles, the Misfit got suspended.  Digging up the grave of Acheron Nightfire and bringing up how Fireguard’s grandpa would be disappointed in the former World Champion for stabbing his “friend” Vince in the back and taking his title.  To say this is personal would be an understatement.  Austin and Sara have already defeated the Misfits mentally, but can they do it physically in a  legitimate Intergender Tag Team Match?  In most the tag matches for this division, there is a Mixed Tag Team rules, meaning that anytime a woman is tagged in, both women are legal so you don’t get women taking on men.  However, in this match, Maxine demanded the opportunity to fight Austin.  So in this match, anything can happen.  One interesting fact that popped up during our research is Maxine’s personal record at WrestleSeries is 0-6.  Guaranteed this fact has not slipped past Austin or Sara and probably gives them a boost to their confidence going into this title match.  Can Maxine break her losing streak on the biggest stage, or will we be seeing Knighthood take over as the new Intergender Tag Team Champions?

Match Seven

Falls Count Anywhere Match
VWE Superstar


VWE Superstar

DavidHawk Actor

What do you do if you have two men, both bitter about the outcome of a match, but where one is blaming the other?  You put them in a match, of course.  And Friday, you get two of the Elimination Royale Winners battling head to head.  Back at the Elimination Royale, Benja Nirvana, DavidHawk Actor, and Derrick Cult all fell out at the same time, effectively forcing a tie for the win.  This forced a Triple Threat at VWE Old School where Benja Nirvana looked to have the match in the bag until DHA dropkicked the Big Shot out of the ring and left himself open for Derrick to hit the Lights Out on the Icon, to pin DHA and take that main event opportunity, an opportunity that Benja feels should have been his.  For weeks after, Nirvana expressed his displeasure to the fans, to the commentary, to every member in the locker room, but especially to DHA.  Benja said that Derrick had already main evented multiple WrestleSeries events, that DHA had even already main evented one, but the Big Shot, a legit VWE Hall of Famer, former World Champion, had never had that chance.  It was right within his grasp and David cost him that moment.  Every chance he saw an opening, Benja pounced on David.  Backstage, walking to the ring, even during an interview, Nirvana was on a mission to make DHA feel his pain until finally calling Actor out and challenging him to a Falls Count Anywhere Match at WrestleSeries.  No one should tell anyone how to feel, but will Benja, win or lose, finally work out the demons haunting him about this WrestleSeries IX?  

Match Eight

VWE Radiance Championship No DQ’s Match
VWE Radiance Champion

Alison Daines

VWE Superstar

Rani Patel

After a successful match where Alison Daines won the Radiance Championship at VWE Old School, the first person to come congratulate her, challenge her and then ruin her title celebration, was “Ms. Bollywood” Rani Patel.  Alison said she’d get to Patel, but first, she owed Marionetta a rematch and wanted no interference from Ms. Bollywood.  During the rematch against the Trickster, a Holstein cow walked out and distracted everyone, forcing Alison to storm off after causing a scene, giving Marionetta the countout victory.  Two weeks ago on Edge, true to her word, Alison gave Rani a shot.  During the match, Daines’ Transcendence partner, Krystal, walked out distracting Patel just long enough for the Champion to grab the title and smack Ms. Bollywood with it, giving Rani the DQ victory.  The two were in the ring last week, just yelling at each other until commentary broke in with a message from the VWE CEO, Mr. Warf, saying the two would face again, but this time in a No DQ’s Match, which means there is no countouts.  There must be a pinfall or submission to end this match which means we will have a definitive winner who walks out as the VWE Radiance Champion.

Match Nine

VWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
VWE World Heavyweight Champion

Cody Houley

VWE Superstar

Derrick Cult

Great One vs God!  Hall of Famer vs Hall of Famer.  Mentor vs Mentee.  The Past vs The Future.  All of these statements are true about the World Heavyweight Championship Match pitting Derrick Cult against the Champion, Cody Houley.  Nine years ago, Cody Houley was just a guy idolizing Derrick Cult, who was main eventing the very first WrestleSeries.  When Cody decided he wanted to get into professional wrestling, there was only one man he wanted to train him was Derrick Cult.  Flash forward nine years later, and just last night at the Golden Rope Awards Show, Cody Houley, a 4-time VWE World Champion and reigning Champion was inducted into the VWE Hall of Fame.  Their history is a tale too long to cover here, but the truth is they were always destined for this.  Their previous matches were just mere teases to this big confrontation.  Has the student surpassed the master, or will the Great One teach Cody one more lesson in humility?  

Main Event

VWE Women’s World Championship Queen’s Throne Triple Threat Match
VWE Women’s World Champion

Chloe Valentine

VWE Superstar


VWE Superstar

Hilary Lanfier

Most people might think that the Triple Threat for the Women’s World Title started at Elimination Royale when Krystal was the final woman standing, but most people would be wrong.  This story actually begins right after BeachBrawl when Hilary Lanfier declared she wanted to face Chloe Valentine for the title.  Their back and forth got very heated, especially when Chloe claimed Hilary was always going to be the woman stuck in the shadow of Christina Krovac.  At Elimination Royale, Chloe was successful in retaining the Women’s World Title, but the biggest shock was Krystal winning the Royale to earn a title shot at WrestleSeries.  Krystal, one half of Transcendence, made everyone aware that their goal, she and Alison’s, was to win both the Radiance and World Championships.  Alison Daines did her part and won the Radiance Title, but Krystal was taking her time on challenging, preferring to play games with Chloe Valentine.  At one event, Krystal took it upon herself to grab a fan from the audience and start beating up on them until Chloe rushed out for the save, attacking her challenger.  But, this incident paid off at VWE Old School when Krystal admitted she was injured and could not get her title opportunity that night.  Instead, Hilary Lanfier took the open challenge, fighting Chloe and looked like she might win when Krystal rushed into the ring, kicking Chloe, giving the Champion the DQ victory.  Now, Valentine has theorized that this interference from Krystal is fear that Hilary might actually become the Women’s Champion, something Krystal quickly dismisses as bad fan-fiction.  Mr. Warf eventually set up a Triple Threat Match for WrestleSeries, wanting all three women to battle against each other.  The kind of match that would give VWE the best Champion of the three women.  Krystal was not happy, so she demanded an edge in the match, but to earn that, Stuart setup a Beat the Clock Challenge.  Each woman would face a random female wrestler, and the goal would be to win and do it in the shortest amount of time.  After setting the time at 10 minutes with a successful victory, Krystal then interfered during Hilary and Chloe’s singles matches, allowing her to pick the match type, which fittingly enough, Krystal chose a Queen’s Throne Match.  This has some confusing rules, but allow us to try and break it down.  The goal is to be the designated “Queen”, which you can become by gaining a pinfall or submission inside the ring.  But then, before someone can get another pin, you have to rush to the Queen’s Throne and sit down.  Only when the current “Queen” gets to the Throne and rests upon it, does the match end.  As a big advantage to this match, Krystal has set herself to start the match as The Queen.  So Chloe and Hilary will have to stop her from reaching the Throne while also fighting each other to gain a pinfall or submission to take the role of “Queen” from Krystal.  This match will be confusing, it will be exciting, and only one woman currently holds all the cards.  

And all this is just one glorious night. The German Sensation vs the 2017 King of the Arena, Lexi vs Christina in a Last Woman Standing Match, Jayson vs Kieran in a Street Fight, a Bombshell Battle Royale, a final showdown between Stuart Warf and Night, the Intergender Tag Team Titles on the line, DHA vs Benja in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, a No DQ’s Match for the Radiance Championship, Mentor vs the man who looked up to him for the World Title, and a Queen’s Throne Triple Threat Match for the Women’s World Championship. Ladies and gentlemen, if you aren’t already clearing your schedule and finding your seat, then you might need to check your pulse. Do NOT miss this show. This is WrestleSeries 9 and it kicks off at 4 pm SLT!  And be sure to arrive early, check out the setup, maybe get a picture with your favorite performers.  And as always, we remind you to keep your eyes on VWEWrestling.Com and all of the VWE social media sites for all the news, previews, and interviews you can get.  

Card is subject to change