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You normally would not see a man wrestling inside a WPWF ring, but last night at WPWF Asylum, the audience got to see not one, but two men wrestling for the main event as Vince Easterwood teamed with Kasumi to take on the VWE Intergender Tag Team Champions, Lyra Phoenix and Braden Karsin. This is a match that potentially could have happened at the Tag Team Classic, but before the start of Day Two of the tournament, Kasumi was attacked backstage, giving Matt Asadar and Brooke Owens a bye into the Semi-Finals, where they fell to Braden and Lyra. Had Kasumi not gotten attacked, who knows what would have happened? Could she and Vince have defeated Brooke and “The Gunslinger” and then found a way to defeat Lyra and Braden, making their way to the final? What would have happened if Kasumi and Vince went up against Christina Krovac and Cody Houley in the finals? The landscape of the tournament was drastically altered and the team of Kasumi and Vince Easterwood had a just cause to want the first title shot.


It has been said that all the International Pro Wrestling Authority can do is institute fines levied against wrestlers who break the rules, and that is correct. The IPWA cannot enforce any suspensions, firings or be utilized in any contract disputes. They exist to enforce the rules and after that, it is then up to the management of the individual groups if they feel the fine applied is good enough, or if they need a secondary punishment.

For those of you in attendance for VWE Edge last night, in the middle of Night’s celebration as the reigning and defending VWE United States Champion, Stuart Warf decided to come pay respect and came bearing some bad news. First, he let Night and Cody Houley know that because of their recent actions, attacking others and being disrespectful to the audience and management, they would be facing hefty fines.

VWE EDGE June, 23rd 2017 Results

The show wanted to open with a women’s bout, but while she was scheduled to face Becky in a Singles Match, Viola Beaumont was attacked by Krystal and Alison Daines while trying to make her way to the ring. Clearly they were upset about the loss last week at VWE Ladies’ Night. In their Handicap Match, Viola ducked a kick, causing Alison to superkick Krystal, giving Viola the opening to take the victory. This beating was vicious and quick. After the hyenas were done picking the bones, the referee decided that Viola could not compete in a match and Beaumont was taken back to see the trainers.

The VWE Women’s World Champion came to the ring with a microphone in hand, wanting to speak about last week. She spoke about VWE Ladies’ Night, claiming that she and Lexi Wicked decisively defeated Chloe Valentine and Maxine, showing that neither of them are worthy to face her. But then she spoke about Chloe specifically, saying that at the end of the match at Ladies’ Night, Valentine just disappeared and no one has seen her since. A video appeared on the screen showing Chloe trussed up, tied with no way to escape and a couple of people near her, taunting her. Spectators claimed the two men appeared to be Cody Houley and Night, the other members of G.O.A.T. but we could not get visual confirmation. Christina then added that apparently she won’t be back anytime soon, appearing to giggle and say she was the only true Champion in VWE.

VWE PrimeTime June, 21st 2017 Results

Every Wednesday, VWE Primetime sets out to make the most of the audience’s time. And kicking the show off was Rani Patel walking out with her Guru, her trainer, The Great Sajith. After Rani introduced Sajith to the crowd again, he said how good it was to be back in Empire City, him only being gone because of an action from Cheryl White to get him deported. Rani thanks a special “Trucker Lawyer” for getting The Great Sajith back into the country. Rani explained how she has taken Kitty under her wing and that they partied a little too much last week. Ms. Bollywood said she was hoping The Great Sajith would help Kitty achieve success in VWE. Sajith said he needed to watch her in the first match of the evening to see if she was worthy of his assistance.

VWE Pulse June, 18th 2017 Results

Cowboys, Champions, and movie stars, oh my! VWE Pulse had it all this week and made sure everything was on the center stage, under the spotlight for the audience to gain maximum entertainment.

“The Gunslinger” Matt Asadar came out as the show started, speaking from the heart about losing his parents 15 years ago, but still wishing all the audience members a happy Father’s Day. He then called out The Crisis, the man revealed to have been the one attacking him and challenging The Crisis to a match right there on the spot, rather than waiting for later in the show when they were scheduled to fight. Crisis told Matt to be careful or he might get to see his dad for Father’s Day.

Interview: Jessica Hykova June, 18th 2017

Today we are sitting with arguably the greatest SL Wrestling Manager of all time, Jessica Hykova. Thank you for taking the time to sit with us.

VWE: “How are you doing today?”

JH: “I am doing well actually. I am actually feeling quite relieved at the moment. It’s like I dropped off an unruly pet at the shelter because I couldn’t deal with it anymore.”

VWE: “Would this pet… be Night?”

JH: “Yes it would be. You see Night wants to think he fired me but in reality… I’m glad I quit. He’s stale. I made him who he is today. All his accomplishments are thanks to me, not to anyone else. So yes, I’m glad to get rid of that ungrateful brat.”

Interview: Night June, 17th 2017

Today we sat down with VWE US Champion, Night and asked him for his thoughts and opinions on a few things.

VWE: “It has been an interesting past few months for you, Night. With losing the VWE Pulse Championship, to capturing the VWE US Championship. To forming Team GOAT with Cody Houley and Christina Krovac, to firing your manager Jessica Hykova. How would you rate your last few months?”

N: “The Greatest. I didn’t want to lose the Pulse Championship. There was a lot of pride there for me, leading the brand that I built. Things happened though, but I made the best of it. When one door closed, another one opened. I had an opportunity and I made the best for it. Throw in my best friends Cody and Christina and it’s been a hell of a time.”

VWE Ladies Night June, 16th 2017 Results

When the ladies come out to play, the claws are out and every fiber of rivalry is played out live for the audience. VWE Ladies’ Night is the one night a year when the women do not have to share the stage.

Elegance was in the forefront as the pre-show began, pitting Aphrodite and Cheryl White against each other in an Evening Gown Match, a challenge from Aphrodite last Sunday at VWE Pulse where the match ends when one woman removes the evening gown from her opponent. Right within the first moments of the match, the right-winger, Cheryl White, rushed Aphrodite, tackling her and initiating a cat-fight between the two, before picking Aphrodite up and throwing her into the corner. White moved in, stalking her prey, and proceeded to bash Aphrodite’s head into the turnbuckle. Aphrodite got back into the fight with a quick clothesline and using her agility to catch Cheryl with a surprise dropkick. Once White was on the mat, Aphrodite tried removing Cheryl’s evening dress. Both ended up rolling around where White found herself in the power position trying to remove the dress. Aphrodite swung her legs around, tripping Cheryl. White got out of the ring and started running around, Aphrodite chasing her but that led right into a trap by Cheryl who began laying boots into Aphrodite. That one mistake cost Aphrodite dearly as the match continued and Cheryl found an opening to rake Aphrodite’s eyes, rolling her up to strip the dress off her, giving White the win. But Cheryl wasn’t content to just win the match, she wanted to put an exclamation point on the fact and attacked Aphrodite after the match, but Aphrodite was able to duck under a clothesline, knock Cheryl down and rip off her dress too, giving Aphrodite reason to celebrate as she exited.

Breaking News: Jeffrey Fireguard out of action

Last night, on VWE Primetime, Jeffrey Fireguard, after successfully defeating “The Devil” Kieran Darkwatch, was brutally attacked by the members of G.O.A.T. and the self-proclaimed “King of VWE”, the VWE World Heavyweight Champion, Braden Karsin. They surrounded the ring so that Jeffrey could not even try to escape. Before their attack, Fireguard struck first, knocking Braden off the ring apron with a quick dropkick, but this caused him to turn his back on the members of G.O.A.T.